Sienna Lampi

Sienna Lampi, Photography by Alexia Wardell Photography

My name is Sienna Lampi and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

Some of my hobbies include dressage, golf, running, drawing, and singing. I love trying new and exciting things!

I have done some non-profit work. I was part of the Students for the Future club at Sonora High School and helped rid the school of litter. I also volunteered at the Sonora Regional Medical Center as a First Responder.

I have been in a number of different sports, and I loved them all. I play basketball, softball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, I swim competetively, I golf, and I love to ride horses.

I currently work at Flying R Ranch and have been working there since I was 11. I love every minute that I get to work with the horses! My dream job is to be a paramedic.

I am currently a Senior at Sonora High School.

I want to participate in Gold Rush Top Model because of the experience it has to offer me. I constantly hear that I should model but have never had enough confidence in myself to give it a chance, so I am very hopeful that this program will help me accomlish that.


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