Fantasia Baker

Fantasia Baker, Photograph by Alexia Wardell Photography

My name is Fantasia Baker and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

Some of my favorite things to do are mostly singing when no one else is around. My absolute favorite hobby is painting. I can’t say I am Picasso, but I make a good effort. The last year or so I have become more involved with planting. Being able to watch plants grow with the help of my little green thumb is astonishing. Some of my favorite activitiess are swimming, hiking, horse back riding, boating, camping, and anything to do with being outdoors. I also am really fond of road trips, and site seeing all the beautiful places this world has to offer. On the other hand I do enjoy the bumpy ride of dirt biking, just not the falling off part (Note to self).

Growing up with manners and morals I have learned to lend a hand to whomever may need it. Although, I haven’t been involved in a lot of big charities or fundraising events I will always be there for my family, friends, and the community. I see through Gold Rush Top Model an opportunity to learn more about helping in other ways and contributing with local charities and fundraisers within the community. Something I have always wanted to investigate but never knew where to begin.

I am a graduate from Sonora High School. Been attending Columbia College for the past few years started with a degree for Fine Arts then switched to a Business Degree. For plans to one day build a business of my own. I am currently taking online classes to become a California Licensed Real Estate Agent. In the meantime I am proud to work for the last standing Community Bank locally owned and operated in the Motherlode.

Through life’s ups and downs I have learned how to be strong, how to move forward through harsh terrains. To always learn from my mistakes, never to trip over the same rock. Always enjoying life, and making the best of every situation. Often times I can be timid at first, but usually not for long. Once my personality blooms. You’ll discover my fun, loving, caring, adventures side. Like a flower opening up for the first time with a kiss from the sun. When I heard about an opportunity with Gold Rush Top Model, I saw a chance to grow more as a person.


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