Kortni Gheri

Kortni Gheri, Photography by Alexia Wardell Photography

I am Kortni Gehri and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

I am a very adventurous person and have always loved being active, especially in the outdoors. I really enjoy traveling, photography, cooking, boating and hiking.  I played water polo in high school and now I enjoy spending summer day’s wakeboarding and swimming. I am blessed to be healthy enough to participate in Gold Rush Top Model, due to an organ transplant that saved my life a year ago. I had two back to back liver transplants 4 days apart, after the half liver my sister donated to me failed. Because of the selfless gift of an unknown donor, I have become an Ambassador with Donate Life California. As an ambassador I mentored a high school senior with her senior project, presenting the idea of organ donation awareness to her entire high school. It was a great success and many students signed up to be organ donors. I have also done missions work in beautiful South Africa where we were able to spend time with and express love to many orphans affected by AIDS, and attend to the needs of the homeless there.

I am currently in school at Columbia College to become a Registered Nurse (transplant nurse). Since graduating from high school I have become a Certified Raw Food Chef, experienced great personal growth and received a certificate of completion from Bethel School of Ministry and have worked a lot in and learned much about the health and wellness industry.

After being sick most of my life and regaining my health after my transplants last year I’m enjoying being a Gold Rush Top Model applicant, having a fun experience and learning to feel beautiful and confident. I love God, have a big heart and love helping and encouraging others.


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