Ilene Rocha

Ilene Rocha, Photograph by Alexia Wardell Photography

My name is Ilene Rocha and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

My hobbies include drawing, singing, dirt bike riding, hiking, fishing, swimming, running, and fashion.  I enjoy volunteering for 4h, Christian Heights nursery, pregnancy center dinner server, christian heights singer/choir, Sonora High Sports Medicine, mounted dream center theraputic riding, and being a nanny/ babysitter.  I also enjoy soccer and volleyball.

I’ve always wanted to be model but i have also thought about being an artist.  I currently attend Sonora Union High School.

I love trying new things and meeting new people, I like being creative and try to find new ideas with makeup and hair.  I would like to participate in the Gold Rush Top Model because its something new and also something that I’ve always wanted to do and hopefully it will go farther and  become a future career for me.


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