Brittany Childress

Brittany Childress, Photograph by Alexia Wardell Photography

My name is Brittany Childress and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

My hobbies currently include traveling, paddle boarding, attending sporting events and enjoying time with my family and boyfriend.

I have volunteered for a local vet clinic in Indiana, when I was living there, as well as the local animal shelter. I also started an online pet rescuing service a few years back in which I would find death row dogs and find reputable rescues or loving homes for them to be rescued, as well as fundraising raffles where I would find businesses to donate items for online raffles. All money raised was used for adoption fees, spay/neuter, and vet fees for the pets rescued.

Since moving to California, I have been on the Junior Steering Committee for the local chapter of the National Marfan Foundation which helped with fundraiser (I have Marfan Syndrome so this volunteering is dear to my heart) and I recently did a very successful fundraiser in May 2012 for Together We Rise, a nonprofit organization run completely by college students for foster children. I plan on doing another fundraiser next Spring/Summer for the Alex Smith Foundation, for foster children, as I have been speaking to Alex Smith’s wife Elizabeth about it!

I have had the typical fast food jobs but I do not currently work, as my senior year of college is my main focus right now. My dream career would be a sports reporter on ESPN or Fox! I have an undying love for sports and I would love traveling to interview sports stars!  I am currently a senior at CSU Stanislaus.

I am a shy girl with a big heart!  I am participating in Gold Rush Top Model for personal growth. I am extremely shy and insecure and I know being around girls that are beautiful inside and out will help me come out of my shell!


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